MSNBC: Is Lucy Flores the Latina star Democrats have been waiting for?

““I don’t have the background of a typical politician, right?” Lucy Flores told a crowd of Democratic activists as she accepted the party’s nomination for lieutenant governor of Nevada in June. It’s a line you’ve heard before: Candidates love to brag about how they didn’t grow up like those “typical” politicians. But there’s no other […]

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Op-Ed: The Need for Immigration Reform

I am the proud daughter of immigrants who came to this country in search of the American Dream. My father’s work ethic proved to me that the opportunity to achieve this dream, no matter your beginnings, is not only possible but a right that must be preserved for all Nevadans. Throughout my life and my […]

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Lucy Flores Launches First TV Ad

Las Vegas, NV – Today Lucy Flores released her first TV ad entitled “Yo Soy Flores.” The Spanish language ad highlights Lucy’s personal story of overcoming adversity to becoming the first Latina to run for Lt. Governor of Nevada. “It doesn’t matter where they come from, every kid deserves to reach their dreams, but it’s […]

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